Fundación de Asistencia Legal Rural de California

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Farm Worker + 
Immigrant Rights

We are the sons and daughters of farmworkers. We believe justice and dignity are inalienable human rights. 

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Expanded Medi-Cal for Senior CA Residents

As of May 1, 2022, full scope Medi-Cal benefits, including preventative, behavioral health, long-term care, and dental and vision care, are available to undocumented residents in California age 50 or older.

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Humane Treatment of Haitian Refugees

CRLAF demands the Administration immediately end these illegal and horrifying acts, and to honor the rights of all those seeking refuge in the U.S.

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10 Years of DACA + Time for Congressional Action

CRLAF will continue to advocate with immigrant youth and community partners until there is a pathway to permanent status for all. DACA has allowed more than 825,000 immigrant youth across the US break every barrier toward realizing their potential.

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TPS Extended to Afghan & Ukrainian Nationals in the U.S.

While CRLAF applauds the recognition of dangerous/unstable/inhumane conditions in Ukraine and Afghanistan, TPS highlights the need to allow those fleeing the crises to find safety here as well. 

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Response to Adverse DACA Decision in Texas v. United States

A Federal District Court in Texas issued a decision limiting the DACA program, and ruling it unlawful.


U.S. Supreme Court Limits PAGA

CRLAF co-sponsored the Private Attorney General Act (PAGA) in 2003, a unique statute that has provided a critical mechanism for enforcement of fundamental labor law protections guaranteed to all California workers.


Partnerships for the Coming Year

CRLAF is excited to continue collaborating with Sacramento Region Community Foundation for greater community health and sustainability.

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Update on California's Eviction Moratorium

California’s eviction moratorium extended until September 30, 2021, with increased funds for rent relief program.





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