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Farm Worker + 
Immigrant Rights

We are the sons and daughters of farmworkers. We believe justice and dignity are inalienable human rights, and fight for greater access for migrant farmworker and immigrant communities across the state.

Cabbage Field

Padilla Introduces Bills to Strengthen USDA Support

CRLAF is excited about nationally proposed legislation, that more fully supports farmworkers' rights and wellbeing, while increasing awareness of the current propensity of labor violations, and overall equity in the sector.


CRLAF Welcomes Final Public Charge Rule

On September 9, 2022, DHS updated its final public charge rule, resolving a years-long dispute and pacifying the concerns of immigrant families and advocates.

Governor signs CRLAF’s AB 636.jpeg

CRLAF celebrates the passing of its sponsored AB 636 (Kalra) and landmark legislation, creating a comprehensive legal rights disclosure notice for H-2A farmworkers in California, expanding critical information and awareness.

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ITUP Policy Brief on Farmworkers and Health Coverage

Farmworkers are the backbone of California’s $50 billion agricultural industry, yet are significantly less likely to have health insurance than the general population, and are ineligible for most state safety-net services.


United Farm Workers March for AB 2183

From August 3-26, 2022, farmworkers across the Central Valley marched 335-miles in support of AB 2183, which would expand farm workers' voting access in union elections.

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Tacherra Ranch Tenants Seek Justice + Relief

CRLAF and co-counsel Legal Aid of Marin file lawsuit on behalf of 35 low-income tenants and families in response to the violation of state and local housing codes, and decades of unsafe and impermissible living conditions in Bolinas, California.

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Celebrating the Statewide Farmworker Health Study

CRLAF sponsored the successful $1.5 million budget request to update 20-year old data. The study collected information from 1,242 workers in six languages, across five regions, on farmworkers' health, and access to care and other supportive services.

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10 Years of DACA + Time for Congressional Action

CRLAF will continue to advocate for a pathway to permanent status for all. DACA has allowed more than 825,000 immigrant youth in the US break every barrier toward realizing their potential.





What We Do

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