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Virginia Villegas, Esq., Chair

The Villegas Law Firm, APC

Christine Brigagliano, Esq., Vice-Chair

Van Der Hout, Brigagliano & Nightingale, LLP


Manuel Magaña

Farm Worker (Retired)


Richard M. Pearl, Esq.

Law Offices of Richard M. Pearl

Jessica Stender, Esq.

Equal Rights Advocates

Ricardo Torres, Treasurer

Partner at The Capital Group Companies (retired)

José Olivera


Silvia Garcia, Esq.

In Memoriam (1968-2012)

CRLA Foundation’s dedicated staff provides essential and crucial services to farmworkers and their families, who have been especially hard hit during the COVID-29 pandemic. Farmworkers risk their lives everyday to put food on our tables by working in hazardous conditions, including pesticide exposure, heat stress, lack of shade, and often lacking clean drinking water. Further, despite being such essential workers, farmworkers are paid low wages, lack health insurance, and even lack access to preventive care.    

-Virginia Villegas, Board Chair

Working with farmworker communities is important, because for me, these people are my abuelos, padres, tios, tias, primos and primas. They are familia and you always take care of familia. 

-Ruben Chavez, Former Board Member

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