Law Student Volunteers for Remote Housing Clinics in the Central and Sacramento Valleys

The Labor and Civil Rights Unit of California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation is seeking law student volunteers to assist in providing housing-based legal assistance through remote housing clinics to mixed-status families in the Central and Sacramento Valleys.


CRLAF is one of few legal aid organizations in rural California providing services to the undocumented community. Undocumented rural Californians, including mixed-status families, lack access to legal aid since federal law prohibits legal aid programs receiving federal funds from serving undocumented Californians. The lack of access to legal aid affects not only the undocumented tenant, but their entire family. COVID-19 has further aggravated the housing and economic hardships of mixed-status families. For this reason, CRLAF is setting a remote housing clinic to provide mixed-status families with information about their housing rights and assistance in asserting those rights.

Law student volunteers will be providing legal assistance to tenants in the Central and Sacramento Valleys through Zoom, under the supervision of the housing attorney. Training on housing rights, case management, Zoom and other relevant online platforms will be provided before participating in the clinics.

Please send your resume and a short email regarding your interest and whether you are able to work with clients in another language (preferred but not required) to Claudia Guzman at cguzman@crlaf.org.

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